Congratulations to the following Aikidoists who passed their tests for promotion at the Seminar on May 24-25th Seminar:

- Zoran Krunic, Vancouver Aikikai, passed yondan test
– Jason Verbitsky, UVic Aikikai, passed sandan test
– Andrew Hory, Raincoast Aikikai, passed nidan test
– Penny Ross, Victoria Aikikai, passed nidan test

On behalf of the Examination Panel (Members: Ishu Ishiyama, Cecil Paris, and Scott Macphail), I wish to convey our heartfelt congratulations on the excellent test performances by the above individuals. We are committed to keeping the technical standard as high as possible for members of the BC Aikido Federation, and I am happy to report to you that these successful candidates clearly demonstrated a solid level of technical competency as well as their exemplary commitments to Aikido training and the promotion of Aikido in BC.

Ishu Ishiyama, 7-dan, Shihan
Member of CAF Examination Committee
May 28, 2013

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