Active shidoin in the BCAF 2016-17

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The CAF Examination Committee members in BC, Ishiyama Shihan, Paris Sensei and Macphail Sensei, as well as the President of the BCAF are pleased to advise BCAF members of the confirmation of Bob Moline 5dan, Hilary Dawson 5dan, and Liz McKinlay 5dan as active CAF Shidoin in BC for the period of 2016-17.

The practice is for shidoin to serve in an active role for two years. They may be invited to give seminars, visit dojos for practices, provide assistance and advice to dojo instructors. It is preferable to invite them rather than other shidoin who are on the inactive list, though retain their title. The CAF Examination Committee members in BC intend to enhance the roles of the active shidoin as opportunities present themselves.

Please join us all in congratulating our active shidoin in BC:

BobMoline_110Bob Moline, 5 dan Victoria Aikikai

Moline Sensei has been practicing and teaching for 36 years, first under Ishiyama Sensei in Victoria, then Macphail Sensei. He moved to Dryden, Ontario where he started Dryden Aikikai. On his return to Victoria he rejoined Victoria Aikikai under Macphail Sensei. His primary instruction has been under Kawahara Shihan, Ishiyama Shihan, Tohei Akira Shihan and Macphail Sensei.

HillaryDawson_110Hilary Dawson, 5 dan UVic Aikido Club

Hilary started with Judo in university and switched to Aikido in 1977 in Halifax. After moving to Victoria, she continued her training under the guidance of Kawahara Shihan and was a direct student of Ishiyama Shihan for 7 years. She has taught children’s, beginners and women’s programmes. Since 1987 has been the chief instructor at the University of Victoria.

BCAF_Liz_McKinlay_110Liz McKinlay, 5 dan Vancouver West Aikikai

Liz McKinlay has trained with Ishiyama Sensei since 1979, and is VWA’s Deputy Dojo-Cho. Liz instructs the popular Children’s Classes. She did 6 years of judo before switching to Aikido. Liz worked for over 30 years in Human Resources using the Aikido principles of harmony and blending to handle the stresses of collective bargaining, grievances and workplace conflict.


Bruce Riddick, President, BCAF



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