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Feb 12, 2016logoBCAF

To: BCAF Dojo Chief Instructors and BCAF Members

Hello everyone,

We held our 2015 AGM on October 3rd and we are planning the hold the next one at Summer Camp in Kelowna on June 19th. This letter is intended to bring you up to date on what the BCAF Board of Directors has accomplished since October and what is in progress.


  • Minutes of the AGM were sent out in less than a month from the AGM.
  • Held a Special Meeting in November to amend the Constitution and Byaws to confirm our exclusive relationship with the CAF.
  • Advised Osawa Sensei and the CAF of the Constitution and Bylaw amendments.
  • Encouraged all non-CAF dojos belonging to the BCAF to join the CAF and to renew their membership in the BCAF with assistance in re-joining the CAF.
  • Created an on-line task list for the Board and included suggestions from members and the review by Bob Moline and Liz McKinlay several years ago.
  • Updated the annual dues process to be consistent with the amended bylaws and where necessary exchanged information with the CAF.
  • Coordinated membership applications with the CAF.
  • Posted BCAF promotions in 2015 on the BCAF Facebook page and website.
  • Expanded and clarified the policy for the nomination, selection and evaluation of candidates for Shidoin in BC.
  • Welcomed new dojos to the BCAF – Killarney Aikikai and Full Circle Aikikai.
  • Highlighted the new, active Shidoin in BC through Facebook, email, website and presenting them at a seminar at the time of the Special Meeting.
  • Increased awareness of how to deal with concussions by sending out current information on the subject to all dojo chief instructors asking that it be distributed among their dojo members.
  • Named the BCAF Delegate to the CAF. Provincial Associations are the members of the CAF and can vote. Individuals are registered practitioners and cannot vote at the CAF. The BCAF Delegate carries forward the voice of the BCAF members at the CAF.
  • Prepared a Succession Planning Policy. Currently each Board position is renewed every year. The new policy provides for two-year mandates and staggers the renewals to provide continuity.
  • Updated the Membership Policy to include “members not in good standing” and the process administering them.


Work in Progress

  • Sponsor/Promote a BCAF Fall Seminar 2016, to be held September 10-11.
  • Create an Instructors Training Programme. The EC members in BC and active shidoin as well as the Board have endorsed the notion of an Instructors Training Programme. It will require widespread consultation to include the EC members in BC, active and inactive shidoin, dojo chief instructors and other instructors. A separate letter on this will follow soon.
  • Consolidate the constitution, bylaws and amendments into one consolidated version. This will be included in the membership package, help all members better understand the bylaws, and meet the new requirements of the Registrar of Societies when all documents must be submitted electronically later this year.
  • Prepare financial statements. Legislation requires that financial statements be available, not only for members, but also for the public who could ask for a copy at any time. In addition we need the financial statements to be able to apply for provincial grants. We would like have at least 2015 and 2014 financial statements available, and this will aid budgeting as well.
  • Prepare a package of information for dojos newly joining the BCAF.
  • Prepare bylaw amendments to reflect the Succession Planning Policy and adopt them at the June 2016 AGM.
  • Announce and award bursaries for CAF Summer Camp 2016.
  • Submit recent bylaw changes to the Registrar of Societies.
  • In April we will canvass member dojos for topics to address with the CAF at the CAF AGM.


The BCAF Board has accomplished a lot, building on the successes of previous years and as you can see there are several new programmes to develop and introduce on both the technical side and the administrative side.

As a part of succession planning, Barb Wolfe, the BCAF Secretary let us know some time ago that she would not be standing for re-election in 2016. She has held the position for several years and is a real asset to the BCAF. Please canvass your dojo members to encourage them to contact Barb or myself with a view to taking her place as Secretary.

We would really like to hear from members willing to help out the BCAF. We need a couple of volunteers willing to help out. Contact me anytime.

The Board is always interested in gathering suggestions for improvements and programmes from members. Send them in anytime and we’ll add them on our list.


Yours truly,

Bruce Riddick

President, BCAF

PDF version of the update

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