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Paul Martin Sensei, a previous president of BCAF and a senior member of
the British Columbia and Canadian Aikido community who passed away August
25, 2012, would have been 64 years old on January 17.


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To honor the memory of Paul, East Van Aikikai, with the blessing and
support of Paul’s family and close friends, has established The James
Paul Martin Memorial Grant and annual seminar.

The grant will go to the art therapy program at Admiral Seymour Elementary
School in the downtown eastside of Vancouver. Paul greatly enjoyed drawing
and cartooning; it was a very therapeutic creative outlet for him, and
this annual grant will allow Paul’s legacy to live on for generations of
deserving children.

The following story ran in the Vancouver Sun on December 23rd and provides
background for what we hope to accomplish.


In support of this initiative, Vancouver Aikikai will host the 1st annual
seminar at the Renfrew dojo to help raise funds for the grant. The
tentative date for the seminar is May 9th, to be confirmed shortly.

The more we raise will allow us to offer more support to the program and
help more children. To that effect, we encourage dojos and members across
Canada who are unable to attend and wish to contribute to hold their own
event in Paul’s memory or simply contribute. Please send contributions by
May 15th to:
Seymour Elementary School
c/o Nathalie Patel
#20-1110 Odlum Drive
Vancouver, B.C.
V5L 3L7

The funds raised will be presented to Admiral Seymour School on May 29th.
We will announce the amount and contributor’s names by email at that
The principal of the school is very appreciative and has assured us that
100% of the grant money will be put towards the art therapy program. He
has invited us to come by anytime to visit and observe the program.

Paul would have been very happy to have seen these vulnerable students,
many of whom are dealing with mental health issues, receive this kind of
care and help. Regardless of dojo location or organization affiliation,
this is an excellent opportunity for members of the Canadian Aikido
community to join together and use our collective strength to contribute
to this excellent cause.


Tony Hind,
East Van Aikikai


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