Kagami Biraki – 16 Jan 2016

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Kagami Biraki address by President of the BCAF at VWA – 16 Jan 2016

Ishiyama Sensei, Groot Sensei, fellow practitioners and guests:

  • images-80Happy New Year and best wishes for good health for Doshu and his family, Ishiyama Sensei and Maasa and everyone here and their families, as well as for those who were unable to join us today.
  • We have had a good and fruitful year of practice, learning, and mutual help.
  • Improvement is intermittent and imperceptible and is only enhanced with regular practice.
  • The BCAF encourages everyone to practice regularly by incorporating regular practice into their daily routines.  Just coming to the dojo become automatic even when we might be tired from a long day.  Practice wakes us up and invigorates mind and body.  It is a practical refresher, to start or end a day.  What’s the catch phrase? “Just do it!”
  • The result is threefold.  As individuals we improve, we are instrumental in making it possible for others to improve, and in our own measure we contribute to society by infusing it with the values of Aikido.
  • This was one of the themes of Doshu’s comments at the Hombu Kagami Biraki ceremony last year.
  • Thirty years ago, Ishiyama Sensei came to Vancouver, after his stopovers in Montreal and Victoria.  He began in Vancouver assisting Kawahara Sensei and sustained his support and efforts when Vancouver West Aikikai was organized a little later in another part of the city.
  • We thank Ishiyama Sensei for all of his efforts and dedication to Aikido.  His leadership and instruction have been major contributors to Aikido’s success in BC and the future is bright. For that we are truly thankful.
  • Each year this time, Hombu publishes promotions at their Kagami Biraki ceremony and posts the list on their website.  This year the BCAF is very happy to  highlight the promotion of Mike Smorhay to 5th dan.  Congratulations Mike.
  • In addition Ramin Arvin’s promotion to 5th dan has been approved/recommended through Birankai Canada and Arvin is with us today.  Congratulations Arvin.
  • As a source of personal inspiration, I will quote T.S. Eliot:“Old men ought to be explorers
    Here or there does not matter.”
  • With the spirit of optimism, renewal, and a rededication to regular practice, let us toast a New Year of health, happiness and peace.
  • Kampai !

Bruce Riddick

President, BCAF

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