Spring seminar with Ishiyama Shihan, Cecil Paris Sensei and Scott Macphail Sensei

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Saturday, April 9th

Vancouver West Aikikai (VWA)

Following up on earlier announcements of the spring seminar with Ishiyama Shihan (7th dan), Cecil Paris Sensei (6 dan) and Scott Macphail Sensei (6 dan) at the Jericho Hill Gymnasium and Vancouver West Aikikai Dojo

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Seminar Schedule and Fees: There will be three classes. Fees for attending all three are $40. Fees for attending fewer are $20 per class. Those testing are expected to register for the whole seminar.
Testng will be in the VWA main dojo down the hill from the gymnasium from 4:40 to 5:20 approximately.

Class 1   1.00pm – 1.50pm Paris Sensei
Class 2   2.00pm – 3.20pm Ishiyama Sensei
Class 3   3.30pm – 4.20pm Macphail Sensei
The instructors are members of the CAF Examination Committee and will address some of the testing procedures and expectations during the seminar.

Location: The Vancouver West Aikikai dojo is located at the Jericho Hill Centre at
4196 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver, British Columbia. Ample free parking space is available around the building; the use of the Lower Parking Lot is recommended. The seminar will be held in the Jericho Hill Centre Gymnasium, just up the hill from the VWA dojo. Change rooms and showers will be available there. g.co/maps/zzkcy

Testing: Testing for yudansha tests only, and limited to those who are unable to attend Summer Camp in Kelowna. Those who are considering testing should advise Bruce Riddick briddick@telus.net by April 2nd of their desire to test. Bruce will contact yudansha test candidates for specific information that must be submitted to the Grading Panel at least one week in advance of the test date, for their vetting.

Food: Water in bottles will be provided. Attendees should bring their own snacks.

Saturday Evening Social: Saturday from 6:00pm or after testing, at Liz McKinlay’s, info and maps will be available at the seminar. Since food and some drink will be provided, there will be a $20 charge per person for this event. Please pay at seminar registration.

Additional information: Please call 604-831-8642, or email us at either wlanz@telus.net or briddick@telus.net . Some billeting is available upon request.
We look forward to seeing you at the seminar!

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